Virtual lead investor services

Investors that do not want to take an active ownership role in a company benefit from the virtual lead investor service by having a party protecting their interests and getting reporting on the progress the company is making by an objective third party.

The company benefits from this service by getting advice and support in setting up or improving some key processes and hence freeing up bandwidth for operative work.

In practical terms, the virtual lead investor service includes colead taking a seat at the company board. As board members we will put all of our knowledge to work for the good of the company. However, there are some specific things we will require in our capacity as board members, namely;

  1. A strategy execution plan that is measurable in the dimensions most important/relevant for the company.
  2. A recurring follow­up against the set targets (both financial and non­financial) which is reported to investors at a minimum on quarterly basis.
  3. An up to date and realistic funding plan.
  4. Compliance with SHA and professionally managed storing of legal contracts and other key documents.

We will not only require that the above are in place but we will also support the companies in implementing them by providing advice and as relevant for the deliverable in question also provide processes, templates and tools.

For the virtual lead investor service we charge a monthly retainer.

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