Financial Advisory, Fund raising,
Investment case evaluation,
Virtual lead investor

Colead in brief

Colead oy is a financial advisory established in 2017 providing equity funding solutions and support in applying public funding, investment case evaluations, and virtual lead investor services focusing on Finnish companies. The colead partners have a wide experience in Corporate Finance, Start­up Investing, Board level work as well as operational roles in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Strategy & Business Development. The diverse experience of the colead partners ensures a high quality of services both from an analytical and practical perspective.

We Are Diversely Experienced

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  • We ensure high quality of services

  • Virtual lead investor services

    As board members we will put all of our knowledge to work for the good of the company.
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  • Investment evaluations

    Colead takes the investor position to evaluate investment cases.
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  • Separately charged services

    We offer separately charged services provided through colead or our proven partner network.
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  • Fundraising

    We provide both equity funding solutions as well as support for applying public funding.
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